Branding is strategic. Marketing is tactical.


1. Analyze

The first step of every new engagement begins with the client intake meeting. This meeting with key executives, team members, and marketing decision makers can take many forms. It could consist of a casual interview with the marketing lead for the project followed by the development of a creative brief. Or, focused group discussion with key employees and decisions makers to make sure their input is appropriately factored into the creative solution equation.

  • Interviews
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Surveys
  • Facilitated Focus Groups
  • Branding Analysis — Personality, Promise, Positioning

2. Create

Once all research, interviews, and focus group work is complete, we develop final output depends on the needs of the client and what serves them best. Sac Chef Marketing creates a document with recommendations. This document could be combined with the report or could be a separate document that acts as a Branding or Marketing Plan for the coming 6-12 months. Key metrics or performance indicators (KPIs) are built into the plan to project potential ROI.

  • Report – Research, Interviews, Focus Groups
  • Branding Report
  • Presentation to Key Decision Makers
  • Branding or Marketing Plan — Recommendations for Next Steps & Strategy

3. Collaborate

As we begin the creative process, we collaborate with our clients along the way to ensure we are accurately representing their brand and their organization’s capabilities. Transparency, authenticity, and integrity are vital to the success of this component. For online marketing projects, we establish a benchmark of metrics for measurement against when the campaign is complete. For creative clients, we put together a timeline with realistic dates for both parties so that we can follow along to ensure the project is on track for the projected delivery date. In addition, for online marketing and social media clients we may also implement an editorial calendar software as well to ensure proper integration of creative for augmentation of existing marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Benchmark Metrics
  • Project Management — Timeline, Software, Communication
  • Editorial Calendar

4. Deliver

While we go through the creative process, it is always with the vision of meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. We plan for “what if” surprise scenarios and for wiggle room so that we can still meet our deadlines. The final deliverable varies on what the work includes. For graphic design, we typically deliver “collected” files to the client and/or to their printer. For web design, we deploy the site live on the client’s server. For online marketing campaigns, we test and manage the campaign to send it online and engage on behalf of our client. Clients ALWAYS 100% fully own the copyright of their artwork after their final bill is paid. Until that time, the artwork is the property of Sac Chef Marketing and may not be used without proper payment.

  • Print — Collected Files to Client and/or Printer
  • Web — Send Site Live on Client’s Server or Give Files to IT to Deploy
  • Online Marketing & Social Media — Create, Test, Deploy, Engage, and Manage Campaign

5. Evolve

This meeting or call allows us to understand what worked, what didn’t, and what could have worked better. It is only by constantly adapting, refining, and evolving that we can tap into the subconscious mind of your target audience to better understand how they think and find better ways to communicate with them. This last piece of the process is the difference between a one-off campaign that went okay and a series of campaigns that experienced exponential improvement over time. As part of our completion work, we will either have a conversation and/or we will provide a report with our findings. For the online marketing and social media campaigns, the report that has the benchmark vs new performance comparisons is incredibly valuable to our clients in helping them to understand what measurements to track, why they are important, and how they can help their brand’s long-term and short-term sales objectives.

  • Call or Meeting to Discuss Opportunities for Improvement
  • Interview — Marketing, Sales, and/or Executive Team Re: Performance
  • Report With Findings — Benchmark vs. Performance Comparison, Analytics, KPIs, etc.

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